After a long and cold winter the season begins with Quality Ocean

Good spot at high tide.

Was this the worst winter on record?  I’d say so.

My personal numbers show it but all you have to do is look at the average temperature.  It was just freezing all winter.  And I’m not talking about 32.  I’m talking about 20.  20 degrees is just way to cold to consider it.  It can be done, but how much fun are you really going to have?

But even though spring has come very late and we even had a snow hurricane just last week the sailing season has begun and it hasn’t been all that bad.  In the past three weeks I guess I’ve gotten six or seven good days, mostly on the ocean.  It has been cold but all except one of those days has been at or above 40 degrees.

Stepping back a bit if I look at my calendar it is clear that this was a hard winter.  All my days in December were in Florida.  My two days in January were probably the only two days that broke the 40 degree barrier and one of those days was among the best days I have ever had.  But still it only two days.  And February was a complete blank.  No days on the water.

But March was pretty good.  It was full of crap weather but I got 7 solid days so I’m not complaining.  Hopefully a bad winter will lead into a good Spring and a solid Summer.

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