Smith’s Point

Optimal Wind Direction: S – Sailable Directions: SW, W, NW, N

Our little version of Brazil right here on Nantucket. Across the bridge.  You need 4 wheel drive to drive all the way out and it may or may not be open, depending on the erosion and the bird situation.  A few cars can park at the ranger shack before the drive on.  It isn’t required to drive on to access all the best sailing.

On the inside, Quality Butter.

Mark Norris - Inside Smith's Point

Outside Ocean.  Just a 100 yard walk across the sand.  Throw your freestyle and ride your surfboard all in the same hour.

Fun Shore Break

Smith's Point on the Outside

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  1. When it gets popular out there the residents always call the police and they ticket pretty hard. There is a parking lot down by the boat ramp that is legal but its a bit of a hike.

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