Sailing Sites

Nantucket has a wide range of sites and conditions to satisfy every kiter from rank beginner to advanced wave sailor.  View the Spot Map.  Also you can check the “Where to Ride” table.

In the Harbor

Pocomo Point – No matter where you travel when you return you are always psyched to ride Pocomo.

North Shore

Jetties Beach: If you are looking to ride in North winds and Off Season of course the spot is Jetties.

Water Tower Beach: North Shore option during the summer when Jetties is closed.  Fires on North and North West especially.

South Shore

Madequecham: The best on West.

Madaket: Great sunsets and surf sessions. Best on North West.

Tom Nevers: My Homebreak.  A great sand bar built up this summer.  Rode there all fall and just killed it.  Best on SW and E.

Smith’s Point: Great combination of quality butter and surf. Especially good when Pocomo is a blow out.


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