Learn to Kite

While on Nantucket learn the thrill of riding a kiteboard effortlessly under the pull of a kite, cruising behind a boat on a wakeboard, or fly for the first time on a hydrofoil. These are incredible water sports that are accessible to kids, parents, and everyone in-between. Next Level Watersports offers the best kiteboarding, wakeboarding, and hydrofoiling instruction to vacationers & locals on Nantucket every day.

Next Level Watersports

Next Level Watersports

For learning the sport in general, the best place by far is Cape Hatteras, NC., The Outer Banks.  RealKiteboarding.com is the place to start.  Great riding, cool people, excellent spot.

Lessons are highly recommended.  A few hours training will save you a whole summer of struggling.  It is worth the time and money.

Important Note!: Pocomo Point is rated “Competent Kiters Only” for the months of July and August.  That means you have to be able to launch, sail off the beach, return and land in control and without creating a situation.  No learning at Pocomo in July and August. It is a bit of a bummer but it is an important rule which maintains a proper atmosphere at Pocomo during the most busy months.

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  1. rhancock says:

    Is there anyone around on the island that will give lessons / guide around the island? I’m out there at the end of the month (September) and would like to get out.

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