Water Tower

Optimal Wind Direction: NE – Sailable Directions: N, NW, SW

Water Tower is a good North Shore option when Jetties is closed due to lifeguards or birds.  It has a little sandbar out front and can get quite fun if there is a solid day or more of North wind to build it up a bit.  It is a family and kid beach in the summer and is kind of thin so you have to be respectful of people there but it is usually not a problem.

Water Tower Beach

Water Tower on a North East

You can get a fun little shore break there on North or North West if it has had a good run of wind to built it up.  Its not the ocean but you can get top and bottom turns.  When it is firing NE the whole outer sand bar can fire from Jetties to Smith’s point so this is just another spot along the way to get on that train.  But if Jetties isn’t closed it doesn’t usually make sense to sail here on a North East.

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NW Session : Water Tower

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