070 ‘Sconset Surf

Very interesting session (10/9/2013). It was blowing 070. Tom Nevers was slightly side off. I launched there and worked upwind to get out from under the bluff. Past the houses the wind was much better but there was no real surf. There isn’t really a sand bar there to create a break but water was moving around.
I kept working upwind, along Low Beach Rd. and past the Loran station. There was white water upwind. When I got into it it was much better than I had hoped. Kind of chaotic in places but head high and exciting. Compressed in some areas and spread out and open in others It was the best sailing I’ve had in quite a while. Plus it was very out there.

Sconset Session

Sconset Surf Session

Its interesting because when you drive along Ocean Ave in the summer on flat days you can see whitewater out there.  It must be something with how the currents meet.  Because it was like just one section of surf surrounded by flat water.   It was pretty cool.  Next time that number comes up I’m going to scout out a closer launch.  Perhaps on Low Beach Rd or even in front of the Summer House.  That is basically where I was sailing.  I’d prefer to sail upwind to the spot than down.

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