Kiteboarding Regatta – August 11

Unfortunately this didn’t go down due to a total lack of wind.  Next year we need a proper waiting period.

The third annual Kiteboard/Windsurf Regatta as part of the Nantucket Race Week will be held on August 11.  Last year’s event went off in excellent fashion with 17 participants and great wind in the harbor.  Hopefully we will get good wind again.  Sign up for the race using the link below. Registration Page: Registration Page

Kiteboard Race off of Bass Point

Kiteboard Race off of Bass Point

This info may be updated in the future but I believe the competitors meeting will be at 1pm at Bass Pt.  There will be boats to shuttle people over to Bass from Pocomo as necessary.  Interest in kiteboard racing is growing dramatically and this upcoming race will probably be even bigger than last year.  Sign up early because registration is limited to 25 competitors.

Here is article from last year’s event: Kiteboard Regatta 2012

This is an unfinished article I wrote as a “lessons learned” document after helping to run the race last year.

This is another idea for a different kiteboarding competition.  It is for a wave competition but of course the format and planning could just as well be used for freestyle competition.  Last year I thought it would be cool to have a throw down in the pond after the racing, but truthfully I was wiped out.  It is pretty tiring doing an afternoon of racing.  So the freestyle or wave competition would be better as a separate event.


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