Idea for an Event

I posted this on and got zero response.  I still think it is a good idea.

Idea for an event:

I have been thinking about an idea for an event and I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in something like this.

Its called the NE Kitesurfing Open and it happens during the month of October an an ocean sailing site in New England.  The waiting period is the weekends of October and certain launches will be possible sites based on a pre set required forecast.  For example where I live I can guarantee that if the offshore forecast says W (270) 15 G 25 for 2 days there will be epic kitesurfing conditions at Madequecham.  There are many places that we could document ahead of time so that everyone knows the criteria.

People who are interested get on a list and  each weekend (during the waiting period) on Friday someone makes a call to go or no go and puts out the word.

The event will use the same system as the Triple S, rider judged.  So we will hit it on a Saturday or Sunday for a 4 hour session and at the end announce the winners.  Probably have a few beers, whatever.

Also, there will be a Kite race regatta as part of the Nantucket Race Week (Aug 10-18 2013).  Last year it was the first weekend on Saturday.  The registration is on line at :  but I didn’t see any specific info there yet.  Last year we had a miraculous convergance of wind and sailors and had an awesome event.  There were 17 competitors entered and the event will be capped at 25 (due to its location).  If lightning strikes twice it will be awesome.


It is barely worth having an event without the conditions.

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