Mouth of the Jetties – Insane Session – Influence of the Tide

High quality session yesterday, better than I expected.  Solid 12 (if a bit gusty) from the NNW and I went out at Water Tower.  Beautiful day and there was a clear line of white water on the outside, which is always a good sign on the North shore.  It was pretty onshore but not totally so. I was able to sail my first tack from the beach straight out to the mouth of the Jetties.

I hadn’t really planned to sail there but the closer I got the better it looked and when I arrived out front it turned out to be just awesome.  Solid, head high, waves rolling in and jacking up right along the East Jetty, starting right next to the big rock pile at the end.  It was super cool and made for some great turning.  It took me a couple of runs to get dialed on it and it was really more about bottom turns than top because they weren’t completely breaking but it was super good once I figured it out.  And of course the jumping was just sick.

Unfortunately the really primo conditions only lasted about a half hour or so.  It was pretty sudden that I noticed that the waves backed down to about half the size. It was still good but it wasn’t nearly as good especially right out front.  It actually was a bit better a ways down the jetty and also along the West jetty as well but still the size was half of what it was when I first arrived.  Kind of strange I thought because the wind really hadn’t changed. If anything it had picked up a little.

I checked my watch and could see that we were at dead low tide.  It must have been the outgoing tide, opposing the wind swell that made it so awesome.  It is a weird coincidence to be out there at the exact time to see it change so dramatically but I think that is what happened.  Still it was an outstanding session, really satisfying.  I don’t think it would be that likely to plan to hit it like that based on the tide times but you never know.

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