FAQ: What Restrictions are in Place for Kiting on Nantucket?

Q: “I am coming to Nantucket next weekend and wanted to be sure I understand what is open for kiting and what isn’t.

I am a solid, experienced kiter who can ride safely in all conditions (12-40), but want to be sure I comply with local rules.

Is Pocomo open to kiting?

Can I kite at Jetties?  How about after 5 pm?”

A: In general any normal rules that are applicable in the real world are also in effect on Nantucket.  Namely no riding at guarded beaches and respect the fences which are erected to protect the endangered bird species.

Jetties Beach is both guarded in the summer and has bird fences during nesting season.  The life guards are really only there in July and August but during the season Jetties can be very crowded as it is one of the easily accessed beaches, it has the equipment rental and restaurant and is considered a good little kid beach.

Normally winds during the summer tend to be more south and west and Jetties isn’t that good in those directions anyway.  But there is the occasional summer North East.  Sometimes the weather can be crappy on those days and the Lifeguards will leave early or allow windsurfing and kiting because there is no one on the beach or in the water.  You have to just play that on a day to day basis.

Because in the past we have had so much hassle from riding Jetties in the Bird Season, starting in May (or whenever the fences are erected) I pretty much just ride Water Tower on North.  Its not as good as Jetties in some ways, better in others.  But that’s just me.

Pocomo Point is a different situation all together.  There is no issue there with lifeguards or birds.  But it is our most restricted beach in the Summer. We have detailed information on the regulations and the history of kiteboarding at Pocomo on the site but the summary is this:

During July and August kiteboarders may launch and land at Pocomo point but may not ride near the point.  Two buoys are positioned off the point that act as a “gate” which kiters may not ride back and forth through.  Kiting on the inside “Pond” section at Pocomo is not allowed during July and August.

Also Pocomo is not a “Learning” or “Lessons” beach during the summer.  No crashing your kite or otherwise being an idiot on the beach. If you can’t rig, launch and get off the beach without incident, return to the beach and land your kite safely, Pocomo is not your beach in July and August.

It is very important not to violate the Pocomo Rules during the summer because Nantucket Kiters have worked very hard to establish the existing situation.  In the past kiting was banned at Pocomo for two summers.

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