Massive Photo Dump : Thanksgiving Weekend Sessions

We aren’t Wikipedia but here at we like a good data dump like any other media outlet.  So needless to say I was pretty happy to get a disk of photos from Sasha Arashonkau recently.  They go back to August 2011 but the best of the bunch are from SuperStorm Sandy and the awesome weekend after Thanksgiving.

So check out the home page photo gallery and the Photos Page where I posted 4 new galleries.  Pretty good ocean I’d say.

Sasha Arashonkau - Top Turn

Sasha Arashonkau - Top Turn

Speaking of good ocean and Thanksgiving, holy gosh I am still buzzing from that weekend.  Solid 9 both days and really decent waist to chest high surf at Madaket.  That place is becoming my favorite beach.  When it is on, it is really on. The beach is big and a good setup for self landing and launching.  The surf fires when it is on and the shore break right in front of the launch is just the best.  Yeah those were some really good sessions.

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