October Fires Like Crazy – November Offers North and more North

October is the best month for kiting on Nantucket, especially if you enjoy a little surf.  And this year was no different.  So many good ocean days and really quality surf.  We even got a few SE days that panned out.

November has been a bit different.  Starting with the Super Storm we have really only gotten one good ocean day.  That was two days after Sandy and it was really awesome.  But since then its just been a run of North and NE, day after day.  There haven’t really been that many light wind days, but how many sessions can you take at Jetties?  I’m not complaining.  I love the north shore.  But there has been a lot of great swell that has gone un-sailed in the past month.

The Noreaster after Sandy actually brought more wind to Nantucket than  the Super Storm.  The first day was a complete blow out but the next morning was the best day of recent memory.  Juraj and I hit it first thing at Watertower and it was just firing on the outside.  Sweet shoulder high surf and a really great shore break as well.  I just wish I had rigged my 7.  I was getting pulled around a bit on the 9 but no worries, I made it work.

So starting with the Hurricane I’ve gotten 9 sessions and 8 of those have been at the North Shore.  And it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.  Thanksgiving looks to rip and we will probably get out a day or two before that.  Daylight savings really sucks but at least it hasn’t really gotten cold yet.

87 days and counting for 2012.  Bring it!!

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