New Board – Naish Global 5′ 8″

My new board arrived yesterday. Naish Global 5′ 8″. Looks sweet. It looks fast and high performance.  We will see how it sails and surfs.  Possibly this afternoon.

Yeah.  I got a session on this board at Jetties.  In sick bump-n-jump conditions.  It rips.  My impression is that it really likes to be driven hard through the turns.  It likes to go basically back leg to back leg.  It makes it more easy to do so than to cruise it through the turn.

Naish Global 5 8 top view

New board looks sick.

This is going to be a little longer than I have been surfing for my big board recently.  But this board doesn’t look as wide in the hips and I think it is going to be pretty fast.

Lafayette College

First sticker on. The Lafayette colors match pretty well with the board graphics.



Global 5 8 bottom








So now I’ll be driving around with the 5′ 8″ as my main board and its cousin from two years ago, the Global 5′ 5″ as my step-up.

Global Quiver

This is a sick board quiver for Nantucket.

Global Quiver Bottom

So sick.

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