Perfect Surfboard for the Good Day

I’ve owned a few Naish surfboards over the years and recently I’ve really liked the Skater. I’ve had a few of them as my “big” board so it was a bit unusual this year when I got a 5’4″ Skater as my main board.

It turned out awesome and this board turned out to be the best surfboard I have ever ridden.  I really like last year’s 5’9″ Skater and this 5’4″ is a very similar but shortened a bit and made noticeably thicker.

Naish Skater 5'4" - 2014

Christmas day in Del Ray Beach Florida.  While the family opened their presents I opened mine and put on its footstraps and fins.  New board for the holiday and it looked to be a windy week.  I ended up getting Christmas and three other days that week all on solid 12.  Three of those days were typical on shore, crowded and super choppy.  Typical Del Ray Beach.  One of the days it came around to the side and cleaned up and it was just perfect.  The Skater totally came into its own and worked perfectly in the sweet, waist high fun park.  Quality top and bottom turns were had.  The Skater felt perfect for those conditions.

Back on Nantucket I’ve had it out a bunch more and its been working perfectly.  Even though it is a 5’4″ I’ve been riding it as my big board.

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