What’s New : Xander Raith on Joining Big Winds

We had previously mentioned in these pages that local up and comer Xander Raith has joined the Big Winds Kiteboarding Team.  We caught up with Xander recently for a quick interview.

Xander Raith Ripping at Bass Point

Xander Raith Ripping at Bass Point

NantucketKiteboarding.com: Yo Xander. Congratulations on joining the Big Winds team.

NK: How would you describe your riding style?

Xander Raith: I would describe it as wakestyle.

NK: You have been on North in the past.  What gear will you be riding this season?

XR:  This year I will be riding the North Gambler and the North Vegas kites.

NK: What are your responsibilities on the team?  Will you be doing any competitions or events?  How will you represent for Big Winds?

XR: My responsibilities are rocking North gear and Big Winds apparel.  I definitely want to do some contests. I don’t know when or where but if I was offered I would definitely do it! I will rep Big Winds by riding there gear. Big Winds is also going to help me through their social media as my riding improves. They want more vids and pics…unhooked!

NK: What are your goals for this season?

XR: This year I really want to make a slider for the pond and work on tricks with that. I also want to ride more waves and get more unhooked tricks.

NK:  How can your fans follow you?  Are you on the intertubes?

XR: If I have any fans, I just recently made a Facebook and Instagram and people can follow me on that.  I am not sure what intertubes are but if you mean Vimeo and Youtube then yes?

NK: Thanks for your time.  Is there anything else you want to say or anyone you want to give a shout out to?

XR: Yeah big shout out to Big Winds, North, and Andrew Pearl for getting me started. My dad for ditching work and taking me out kiting and thanks Sky for the interview!

Now its time for our lightning round: 5 quick questions.

Mac or PC?: Mac

What are the top 3 songs queued up on your phone?:

Mo Money Mo Problems-Notorious B.I.G.

Ride Captain Ride-Blues Image

Jay Electronica-Rennaisance Man

When was the last time you flossed?: Every night, I don’t want to have fake teeth when I’m older.

Best fast food on Nantucket?: Henry Jr’s.  It’s fast and good!

Whats your Dream Session?: A flat water session in the pond when it is really windy and warm out or a clean day on the ocean.

What is a “Tape Deck”?: I have no idea, does it play music?  If so, that’s what my dad uses to get hyped before a session……..ha ha.

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