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Juraj Bencat - MadaketWe have been having a super good October for ocean kiting and it looks like it may continue right through the end of the month with Sandy on her way up the coast.  That forecast has a few NE days but there is also some E and SE on the offshore so we may get in the Atlantic during this run.  The graph is literally “off the charts” so we will see how it goes.

Ric - Tom Nevers

Up to this point we have gotten West and SW as is pretty usual but we have also had a couple of really nice SE days with surf and recently scored a couple of really awesome NW days at Madaket in quality surf.  So all in all it has really ripped this October.

There is a new gallery called “October Ocean 2012” in the photo gallery and I used a couple of the best on the home page.  In the future we could avoid these low quality photos by someone else shooting and sending me the good stuff, instead of me snapping pictures with my waterproof point and shoot.

Photo Gallery

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